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Indirect fired heaters

Indirect oil heaters are highly efficient devices that provide large volume of 100% clean, dry and fume free warm air. They are best for places with limited ventilation like shops, event’s tents, food preparation areas or exhibition halls. They can be used with flexible hoses that make the warm air be spread around easily.

Power:68 300 Btu/h

Air displacement:913 cfm

Fuel consumption: 0.55 gph

Tank capacity: 9.5 gallons

Power: 112 800 Btu/h

Air displacement:1060 cfm

Fuel consumption: 0.89 gph

Tank capacity: 17.2 gallons

Power: 160 400 Btu/h

Air displacement: 1060 cfm

Fuel consumption: 1.28 gph

Tank capacity: 17.2 gallons

Power:276 300 Btu/h

Air displacement: 1944 cfm

Fuel consumption: 2.24 gph

Tank capacity: 27.72 gallons

Power:460 000 Btu/h

Air displacement: 4712 cfm

Fuel consumption: 3.72 gph

Power supply: 230/60 V/Hz

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BV 500 indirect fired heater

Max capacity:
500 000 Btu/h (147 kW)
Standard capacity:
420 000 Btu/h (123 kW)